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National Day of Prayer Brouhaha April 15, 2010

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Please read this link for the REAL truth on this subject. There is no “Islamic Day of Prayer.” Someone independently organized a prayer service for Muslims on Capitol Hill.

Obama never “canceled” or “declared” there would be no National Day of Prayer. He just decided that there would not be an ecumenical service in the White House. The National Day of Prayer was established by a congressional bill and I am guessing, could only be changed or removed altogether in the same way. That has not happened. President Obama issued a proclamation about National Prayer Day, but chose to pray in private, as so many of us do every day. Ever pray alone in your house, while you were in bed, making dinner? I knew a lady with several children who used to lock herself in the bathroom to pray just to get a moment’s peace. It doesn’t matter where you pray or if it’s done on a National Day of Prayer. God is still going to hear you. He also hears you when you profess to respect the office of the President of the United States, but then only do it if your man wins.

Americans are still welcome to pray, hold National Prayer Day observances, etc. (and I assume, do it on Captiol Hill with the proper procedures, just like the Muslims did) Nothing has changed. There just won’t be a prayer service held in the White House. Which, when you think about it, is keeping it equal. There won’t be Muslims, Jews, Protestants or anyone holding a special religious service in the White House.

If we are truly a free country where everyone is free to worship as they like, or don’t, why can’t our President? When George W. Bush was in office, everyone was all about how we should be respectful of him because he was the President, whether we agreed with him or not. Now, those same people are the ones acting in complete and total disrespect of our current President. If you can’t practice what you preach, you should give up the pulpit.

If we are truly a free country where everyone is free to worship as they like, or don’t, why shouldn’t our President recognize it? He is the political leader of our country, not our religious leader. We should look to our pastors, deacons and church elders for that kind of leadership.

I am a Christian and I’m just asking everyone to be respectful of the President of the United States as we were all asked to do when GWB was in charge.