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Dreams September 13, 2009

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Last night I dreamed he held me. Doesn’t that sound really romantic? Except that I have no idea who “he” was. It was nice to be held. It’s been awhile, you know? Just as I was about to look up into my dreamy studmuffin’s eyes and discover his identity– and this is important because what if he is the produce guy at WalMart or something and I’ve been overlooking him during my grocery shopping excursions? Anyway, just I was about to identify the tall guy with the solid chest invading my dreams, Z11 starts shaking my foot, telling me to wake up. Why? Is the house on fire? No, she just appointed herself the alarm fairy and it is now her personal mission to make sure we are all awake at the hour she deems appropriate.

Isn’t having a tween great? I think I might have really enjoyed the rest of that dream. I was already feeling like I had eaten a large bag of M&M’s though, so maybe it couldn’t have gotten much better.