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Has Facebook Lost Its Mind? March 18, 2009

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The folks at Facebook need to get a grip on reality and quit changing things around. Seriously, what is this consistent, overwhelming need they have to change things up? I have heard of “wanderlust,” but these people seem to have “change-it-up-lust.”

I adapted to the last change fairly easily, but this most recent one has thrown me, and hundreds of thousands of others for a loop. According to the application “What do you think of the new Facebook layout,” approximately 287,000 people (at 5:37 p.m. CDT) hate the new layout. Only 22,000 or so like it. And the number of haters is growing by the second. The group “Change FACEBOOK Back” has over 40,000 members. Facebook are you hearing us??

I can’t find the things I want or need to use. I have a “news feed” of some kind sandwiched in between status updates letting me know that some dude I knew 20 years ago sent “peeps,” “Easter bunnies,” “lucky clovers,” or other such things to 40 people I’ve never heard of. Is this something I need to know?

Also, what is that mess on the right hand side of the page telling me how many of my friends are using what applications? Again, why do I need to know this? I actually preferred the adverts for the I.Q. tests.

No longer are my apps where I can easily find them. There are a few on the left hand of the page, but other than that I have to hope I have them bookmarked, or go trolling for them– not sure that’s worth the effort. Also, I hate the way it hijacks my status every time I post a link, or comment on something that someone else has posted.

Status updates need to be on the home page where they have always been, and news feeds need to be off someplace else where we can look at them if we want to, as opposed to having them forced down our throats everytime we log on to Facebook.

Admittedly I am getting older and I’m not a big fan of change, but this goes straight over the edge of change, right into ridiculous. Perhaps the powers-that-be at Facebook enjoy a good controversy. They change the page layout up, drive all their users out of their minds, and sit back and have a good chuckle at our expense. What they need to remember is, that even though the service is free, someone has to click on those ads for them to make money. If the majority of users refuse to click on the ads, the cash flow will be impaired.