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In Which I Get Really Random April 3, 2009

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I am feeling better today, so no more flaming blog posts for the moment.

First of all, I found a bath mat thanks to Martha and KMart. I know you are all heaving a collective sigh of relief because you were worried that my quest for the perfect bath mat would be fruitless. It is a lovely shade of turquoise that really makes the browns in the bathroom pop. There were towels to match, so yeah, I’m blissed out.

This week I have been trying to participate in my friend Jessica’s “photo frenzy,” in a quest to inspire my inner creative genius. I’ve taken lots of pictures, but have only come up with one that had me really feeling it.

My Moody Black & White Effort

So, of course, they are mine and I am biased, but they’re good looking kids and I think the picture came out great. I’m having it printed for framing. Perhaps I should entitle it “Peace on Earth,” since it is one of the rare times that they aren’t at each other’s throats. I think it really captures them because Z10 looks sullen, (think pre-teen angst), and Z9 looks just a little sly, like he’s planning something– maybe pinching his sister– and in fact, he probably was.

I just saw a study on TV that says at age 40 fertility declines to about 40%. Not that I was planning on having any more, but it is just another one of those things that growing older takes from you. It starts with the ability to reproduce and pretty soon you are going from the earth mother phase to dried up old crone. After that it’s a downhill slide. Your body will betray you and you’ll end up wearing divided denim skirts, appliqued t-shirts that profess your love of cats, and SAS shoes. I try to stay as hip and fashionable as possible, but if I am being honest, my boots hurt my feet.

Today’s photo frenzy subject is “love,” which elminates me taking pictures of the kids, obviously. I would like to catch Blossom asleep with her ball in her mouth because that is true love if ever I saw it.