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Baby Steps January 11, 2011

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The problem I have with losing weight is that I want it to all disappear, oh, say in about a week’s time. I can do anything for a week, right? It’s after the first week that I start to fail miserably. It is that way with most of the things in my life that I want to change. The reality is that this journey is going to take much longer than a week. I’m going have to learn patience and perseverance if I want to succeed at anything. The ADD isn’t on my side in that respect, but I’m working on it, honestly I am.

In regards to the weight loss, I’m following the 4 Hour Body plan. Check out the book by Tim Ferriss. It’s exactly what I need with my sugar/insulin issues. I like what I’m eating. The food is relatively easy to prepare. It’s just not chocolate chip cookies. *sigh*

The good Dr. Oz (or his organization, more specifically) offered a free bracelet awhile back that says “Just 10.” It’s a reminder that even losing just 10 lbs. can be beneficial to your health. I popped it on when I started this journey and now when I am tempted to stray from the path of diet righteousness I just look down and my wrist and remember why I am doing this.

Something else I wanted to do better in 2011 was parenting. I wanted to spend more time with  my kids and I wanted that time to be quality time. That is also an excellent reminder for me to get the weight off and keep it off. Being healthy means I have more energy to spend on them. What better reason could there be?

I also want to be a better writer and a more prolific writer. Doing that, I have discovered means writing something every day. Whether it be a blog post, an article or working on my children’s book, if I don’t write it, it will never happen.

What I’m learning is that you don’t eat the whole sandwich/cake/pizza in one bite. You take small bites and chew slowly and eventually you get it all down. So I will continue taking it one day at a time and being proud of each day’s accomplishments because it is the little things that make a difference.


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