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Pondering Plague, Pestilence and Famine April 30, 2009

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We’ve had torrential rain here over the past few days, resulting in a total rainfall of around 5 inches. (with more thunderstorms expected tonight) There are 5 probable cases of swine flu here in Lawton. That covers flood and plague. I commented on my Facebook page that I am now just waiting for pestilence and famine to come-a-knocking at the door.

Not that my gut couldn’t use a little famine. C.S.S. commented that her butt could as well. I don’t worry too much about famine since we have a seemingly endless supply of food in the U.S., however, I do worry someone might tell me not to leave my house to get those Chick-Fil-A nuggets I’ve been jonesing for because the ebola virus is running rampant in the streets.

I’m not panicky, which is strange for someone with  OCD tendancies, but I want to be cautious. How do I ensure the kids are religiously keeping their hands washed and sanitized in that germ factory we call a “school?” They aren’t that dedicated in the best of times. Their concept of a flu pandemic is seriously limited except when I tell them someone has died from it and I don’t want to scare the hell out of them, just make sure they understand the importance of good hygiene.

If I see a swarm of locusts descending on the house I will seriously start to ponder the “end times.” Not to worry though, I’m pretty sure I’m good with God and I do have flood insurance, so it’s all good unless Noah shows up on my front porch!


2 Responses to “Pondering Plague, Pestilence and Famine”

  1. christy Says:

    C.S.S.? I’m famous!

    But seriously, if you see or hear anything- rivers run red with blood or frogs start falling from the sky- give me a shout, k?

  2. Unfommazoox Says:

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